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The OFS Barbet was an Osean Hubert-class aircraft carrier that served during the Circum-Pacific War. She was sunk by Razgriz Squadron in late December 2010 during an engagement with the Kestrel Fleet.


The Barbet was constructed sometime before 2010. She was one of at least seven Hubert-class aircraft carriers commissioned by the Osean Maritime Defense Force,[1] making her a sister ship of the OFS Kestrel. The Barbet's battle record prior to the Circum-Pacific War, however, remains unknown.

On December 29, 2010, the Barbet and her accompanying fleet were sailing through the northern Ceres Ocean when it detected a large number of Yuktobanian warships on radar. It soon became obvious that the Yuktobanian armada had engaged another Osean fleet, which included the Kestrel. As the Barbet and her fleet approached, it began eavesdropping on the Kestrel's communications and discovered that the Kestrel had joined forces with several Yuktobanian warships. At approximately 1726hrs, the Barbet received a communique from the Kestrel requesting assistance.[2]

However, the Barbet and her fleet—whose nationalist sympathies remained unwavering—deemed the Kestrel and its fleet to be traitors for allying themselves with the enemy, and proceeded to open fire on their countrymen. The Barbet was subsequently sunk by Razgriz Squadron.[2]