Meriton Highlands

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The Meriton Highlands, also known simply as Meriton, are a mountainous region located in San Salvacion, northern Usea


Meriton is a snow-covered mountain range which stretches across the Usean Continent, similar to the Lambert Mountains.


Usean coup d'état

On May 10, 1998, Scarface Squadron were ordered to shoot down retreating rebel jammers, escorted by a number of fighters. Once the squadron shot down the jammers, a fast-moving signal was detected on radar. The craft was later identified as a red aircraft known as ZOE (Zone of Endless). The ZOE unit had flying skills that exceeded what Scarface Squadron had encountered up to that point. Despite a long and heated battle, the ZOE unit was heavily damaged and retreated from combat airspace. With these victories, the operation was a success.[1]

Intercorporate War

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