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Los Canas is a major city within the Chopinburg region of central Usea. It was frequently mentioned in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, but never shown.


Continental War

Upon the creation of the Independent State Allied Forces at the start of the Continental War, Los Canas served as one of ISAF's main bases of operation. During its retreat eastward before the Erusean offensive, which was bolstered by the use of Stonehenge as an anti-aircraft weapon, ISAF attempted to stand its ground at Los Canas. An elite fighter squadron was dispatched from the city to destroy Stonehenge, whose range extended over most of the Usean continent, including Los Canas. However, the squadron was decimated by the Federal Erusea Air Force's Yellow Squadron, and Erusea maintained air superiority in the skies.[1]

Lacking air support, ISAF struggled to maintain its defensive line and Erusea quickly overran the ISAF forces' positions. Los Canas surrendered to the Eruseans, and ISAF was forced into a full retreat from the Usean mainland to North Point.[1] Erusea set up a defensive perimeter along the mountains east of Los Canas, codenamed the "Tango Line".[2]

Following the start of its counteroffensive in early 2005, ISAF launched an assault on Istas Fortress, a former ISAF stronghold, and broke through the Erusean defenses. This victory allowed the ISAF to completely bypass the Tango Line and make a quick push towards Los Canas. Soon after the fall of Istas Fortress, ISAF liberated the city from Erusean control. ISAF would proceed to set up a new field HQ in Los Canas in preparation for a second attack on Stonehenge.[2]

Lighthouse War

During the Lighthouse War in 2019, Erusea captured Los Canas once more,[3] but it was liberated by Osean forces following Operation Dragon Breath.[4]


In Spanish, "las canas" translates to "gray hair".