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"We still have sensors. Our eyes. The oldest sensors in the book."
― Lehmann[1]

Warrant Officer Lehmann was a specialist in the Osean Ground Defense Force. He was involved in the restoration of the fourth[2] Stonehenge railgun and the destruction of Arsenal Bird Liberty during the Lighthouse War.


Since the Lighthouse War began, Lehmann assisted Major Deanna McOnie, along with a contingent from the Osean Army, in restoring Stonehenge's fourth railgun.[2] These repairs were done in secret so as to not attract Erusean attention.[1]

On August 19, 2019, the railgun was ready to fire, setting Operation Dragon Breath in motion. Various Osean Air Defense Force squadrons kept Stonehenge safe while Lehmann, McOnie, and their team prepared to fire. Lehmann counted down to the railgun's firing but halted the countdown after confirming their survey vehicle was offline. McOnie was about to give up when Lehmann suggested aiming the railgun using their eyes.[1]

Using Lehmann's suggestion, McOnie requested the air squadrons slow down the Arsenal Bird to give them a good shot. Lehmann reported that they could "see the Osean flag from here" and reported little wind in the vicinity. After counting down one more time, the team fired the railgun, striking and destroying the Arsenal Bird. McOnie credited Lehmann for the victory, stating that it was "a good lesson on the importance of manual control". Lehmann shifted the praise to the Long Range Strategic Strike Group for defending Stonehenge and slowing down the Arsenal Bird.[1]