General Resource LTD Conflict

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The General Resource LTD Conflict was a conflict that occurred in 2032 in Usea. General Resource has formed a division known as Air Strike Force as a way to maintain superiority and to put any potential threats to it into submission. In response, the United Air Defense is formed to combat this threat.[1]


As globalization begins to blur the borders between countries, corporations have become economic superpowers. General Resources has taken rather authoritarian measures to maintain its status as a superpower, such as creating the Air Strike Force, to eliminate any potential threats. As a result, the United Air Defense is created to be deployed against any possible attack that ASF could commence.


As the conflict rages Ace encounters enemy aircraft on their way to UAF new base of operations. Despite this they were able to arrive intact.[2] Once there, they were sent on a mission to destroy supply containers being supplied to General Resources troops. Ace was able to destroy the containers while also dealing with patrolling aircraft and land vehicles.[3] The UAD then sends Ace to a fend off an ASF attack on an UAF friendly island. The attack was repelled with many ASF aircraft, and ships (including the Ramasis) were dispatched.[4] After the attack, Ace destroys oil rigs owned by General Resources,[5] and fends off responding ASF aircraft on their way back to base.[6] Following the destruction of oil rigs, Ace escorts a convey to establish a new radar point[7] and then mounts an attack on an ASF airport, destroying much of its infrastructure in the process.[8] In retaliation, the ASF launch a series of counterattacks, first on the UAD base,[9] and second the UAD Yamato.[10] Both of those attacks ended in failure, with many attacking aircraft lost as a result. With the reprisals foiled, the UAD dispatches Ace to recon an ASF base for HQ.[11] Once this was accomplished, the UAD then sends them to destroy an oil refinery. The refinery is destroyed and the ASF is cut off from its most precious assets.[12] Even with much infrastructure in shambles, the ASF makes one last gamble, regroup to the north and launch Nuclear missiles at key UAD bases. Ace arrives at the base, destroys the missiles and dispatches any ASF aircraft engaging.[13] The ASF last ditch attack has been once again foiled by the efforts of the UAD's top ace.


With the ASF in shambles, the ambitions of General Resources would never be realized. With the losses sustained in the conflict and the destruction of its key bases and assets, the ASF presumably dissolves.