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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Gault Team, officially the 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron, was an elite Belkan Air Force squadron before its desertion and later defection to the terrorist organization A World With No Boundaries.

Personally led by Anton Kupchenko, father of both Project Pendragon and A World With No Boundaries, Gault Team was primarily composed of pilots who had backgrounds in technology, particularly in military and aerospace engineering.

Two Gault Su-47s


In January 1994, Gault Team was sent to the front lines with their commander Anton Kupchenko in hopes of assisting with Belka's territorial expansion. However, Gault Team would suddenly disappear in March 1995 along with a portion of Kupchenko's larger forces. Despite a search party being dispatched, nothing was ever found.

In late December 1995, six months after the official end of the Belkan War, Gault Team would reemerge alive and well in Area B7R where they intercepted the legendary Galm Team as they attempted to cross the "Round Table" during their journey to Avalon Dam. During the engagement, Kupchenko revealed that he had formed the insurgent organization A World With No Boundaries after becoming disgusted with politicians who had never stepped foot on a battlefield squabbling over the "largest share of the pie," and had gathered like-minded individuals to use the V2 mass retaliation weapon to cleanse the world of this perceived injustice.

Despite being outnumbered eight to two, Galm Team managed to shoot down and defeat Gault in an intense dogfight. Most of the squadron's members were killed in action, Kupchenko included, although three members survived. Lorenz Riedel would later escape to Estovakia, where he later helped Gustav Dvornik's Eastern Faction during the Estovakian Civil War by providing documents and information crucial to the creation of the P-1112 Aigaion.



The Gault skin in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation has the tailcode "PL" and number "602", but later in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown the skin has "05∇602" number and no tailcode.