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"The heroes of Ace Combat 2, Scarface Squadron Aircraft. This aircraft's armor has been reinforced at the expense of speed. With the main military force unable to respond, the mercenary tactical strike force, Scarface, was entrusted to rescue the Usean continent from the hands of a brutal military coup d'etat."

The F-16C -SCARFACE EMBLEM- is a downloadable aircraft in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. It was released to the Xbox Marketplace with DLC Pack #02 in November 22, 2007 at zero cost. Currently, it is removed from the Marketplace.


The first available variant of the F-16C Fighting Falcon, the Scarface Emblem is themed on Scarface Squadron, the protagonist's squadron in Ace Combat 2. In appearance, it is a basic Emmerian Falcon with Scarface markings. The tailcode has been changed to "PE 097".

The plane mostly behaves like an standard F-16C, with similar statistics. Speed has been lowered to make way for a substantial armor upgrade, which increases the aircraft's survivability. The weapons capacity remains unchanged from the original.