Bombing of Sand Island

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"There's no turning back now... this is all-out war."
Alvin H. Davenport

The bombing of Sand Island was a surprise attack on the island by the Yuktobanian Air Force mere hours after their attack on St. Hewlett. [1]


After the Yuktobanian Air Force failed to destroy the OFS Kestrel, the Wardog Squadron returned to Sand Island Air Force Base. However, Sand Island was unexpectedly attacked by Yuktobanian forces, and all pilots were scrambled to defend against the attack. [1]

Air raid

Wardog were scrambled during a brief pause following a first bombing wave, and began engaging the Yuktobanian bombers and fighters above the base. Amid the chaos of the battle, a pilot was spotting leaving a hangar in the captain's spare plane. With no other choice, Wardog protected him from a new wave of reinforcements until he successfully took off. [1]

Shortly after becoming airborne, Lieutenant Colonel Ford entered the airspace to assume command of Wardog Squadron, and requested their help to cover his landing despite repeated warnings from his wingmen and base personnel. His tenure as Wardog Squadron's leader, however, came to an abrupt end, after he was shot down by another approaching enemy wave. This wave was also shot down, and the Yuktobanian attack repelled, having inflicted minimal damage to the base. [1]


Repairs to Sand Island Air Force Base began almost immediately after the attack was repulsed, and remained combat capable. In addition, following Ford's untimely death, Blaze was designated Wardog Squadron's new commander, and Hans Grimm, the pilot that took off from the runway, became an official member of Wardog Squadron. [1]