Barkeeper's daughter

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"We'll run them out... This is our town!"
― Barkeeper's daughter[1]

The barkeeper's daughter was an unnamed resident of San Salvacion and an active member of the San Salvacion resistance movement during the Erusean occupation of the capital during the Continental War.[2]


She was the daughter of the barkeeper of the Sky Kid Café, Pub & Restaurant, busing tables and serving customers. She harbored a crush on Yellow 13, which in turn made her jealous of Yellow 4's close relationship with him.[1]

One evening, the Side Story Narrator accidentally discovered that she, along with her father and other employees, were members of the local resistance. Other citizens of San Salvacion openly criticized her family for fraternizing with the enemy; in reality, the young girl and her father were gathering and relaying vital intelligence obtained from intoxicated Eruseans to the ISAF. Though the Resistance members tried to interrogate the young boy, she defended him, and the two soon became friends.[2]

In addition to gathering intelligence from the enemy, the barkeeper's daughter also performed dangerous assignments around the capital, which included sabotaging the Eruseans' military equipment and supplies. The barkeeper's daughter often performed these missions at night, under the cover of darkness from the city's mandatory blackouts. Despite these precautions, the young girl was once caught in the act of planting explosives and nearly captured by an Erusean patrol.[3] On the morning of ISAF's second raid on Stonehenge, the Resistance detonated a bomb on Yellow Squadron's runway.[4] It was later revealed that the she was responsible for planting the explosive.[3]

Her fate after the war is unknown; however, in the last cutscene, a photograph of her, the narrator, Yellow 13 and Yellow 4 together is shown.[5]