Akerson Hill Incident

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The Akerson Hill Incident[1] was a military incident that occurred within Osean Federation territory during the Circum-Pacific War.


Following the destruction of the Scinfaxi,[2] President Harling and Yuktobanian Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor attempted to host a secret peace talk in North Point. Harling boarded Mother Goose One on October 22, which would take a path over Akerson Hill bound for the northern part of the Osean continent and towards the Usean continent.[3]



On October 22, 2010, the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron was sent on a mission to patrol the northern coast of Akerson Hill, a region located in peninsular Osea protected by the local AA system (which covered all except the northern coast). For this occasion, Wardog was split into two separate groups, one formed by Alvin "Chopper" Davenport and Hans Grimm, and the other formed by Lieutenant Kei Nagase and flight leader Blaze, with the latter heading towards northern Akerson.

Escort of Mother Goose One

When Edge and Blaze entered the airspace, they found a lone Osean Air Defense Force C-5B Galaxy transport plane with radio problems. The plane revealed itself as Mother Goose One, which was headed towards North Point in eastern Usea, however the secrecy of its mission prevented it from transmitting a friendly signature, thus prompting the AA network to fire upon the aircraft, knocking out its radar and damaging its radio. Blaze and Nagase led Mother Goose One through the AA system to northern Akerson, which was outside the system's operative range. During their travel through the AA system, Chopper mentioned that a group of Yuktobanian aircraft (the first one in weeks) was detected approaching Akerson Hill at the moment.

Defense of Mother Goose One

"Uhh, the air defense command just received multiple radar hits on an enemy formation closing on your position. First bad guys we've seen crossing the pond for a while. Warning alarms are going off like mad, but we're the only ones near enough to intercept 'em in time. Hold on baby, we're comin' to your rescue."
― Chopper, on the approaching Yuke contingent

Shortly thereafter, the three aircraft reached northern Akerson with Chopper and Grimm reuniting with Blaze and Nagase. However, the Yuktobanian interceptors arrived at Akerson, prompting Wardog to protect the transport.

As the Osean pilots were busy with the enemy fighters, Mother Goose One began reporting the failure of one of its engines; meanwhile, a passenger caught the pilot's attention as the former stood up, whereupon the former (in reality an spy) assassinated the pilot, which sent Mother Goose One into an out-of-control Dutch roll.

Shortly thereafter, the aircraft recovered, now being piloted by an anonymous man, forcing Chopper to ask what was the situation on board the Galaxy: the pilot was dead and the co-pilot injured by a stray bullet, thus forcing a secretary pilot called Tommy to command the C-5B. The man then identified himself as "Mr. Cargo" in order to preserve his anonymity.

The damage absorbed by the mainframe forced Mother Goose One to attempt an emergency landing in the fields of Akerson Hill, which was covered by electric generator windmills. Blaze destroyed all the windmills and cleared a landing space sufficient for the C-5B. 


The 8492nd Squadron took over extraction of the cargo and said that the Wardog squadron could return home. However, soon after, the President of Osea was reported missing.