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This page documents a policy for Ace Combat Wiki.
It describes a standard that all editors should normally follow.
Feedback, suggestions, or concerns should be addressed on the talk page. Any changes should reflect consensus.

A spoiler is a piece of information that reveals specific plot points about a narrative work. Having a spoiler revealed before experiencing the work in full may degrade the experience.

Over the years, Ace Combat Wiki has adopted a loose, unofficial spoiler policy. Users would mark spoilers at their own discretion related to newer games (mostly Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and Ace Combat Infinity), while leaving spoilers related to older games unmarked.

During the pre-release marketing cycle for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, in September 2018, the community reached a consensus to enact an official spoiler policy.

What to Mark

At this time, all information on the wiki should be unmarked. This includes all information from Ace Combat 7 and all other games.

How to Mark

To mark an entire article as containing spoilers, use Template:Spoiler at the top of the page. On desktop, this will show a large message box similar to stub or cleanup templates at the top of the article. On mobile, this will show a large text warning below the infobox. Attempt to avoid spoilers as much as feasibly possible in the introduction area. This includes any quote templates, hatnotes, or infoboxes.

To mark portions of an article or section as containing spoilers, use Template:SpoilerBlocks and wrap the relevant material inside of <span class="spoiler"></span> code blocks. No other guidelines are necessary, since users must take action to see these spoilers on desktop. Similar to Template:Spoiler, Template:SpoilerBlocks will generate a message box on desktop or a large text warning on mobile.