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Welcome to Acepedia, the number-one encyclopedia on the Ace Combat video game franchise! We are dedicated to providing all available information regarding the Ace Combat games and all related media. Currently, Acepedia hosts 3,280 articles and 15,923 files with 327,013 edits.


2006: Electrosphere

Electrosphere, the predecessor to Acepedia, was created at wiki farm EditThis on January 10, 2006. The community migrated from EditThis to Wikia where Thunderhead created this wiki under the same name, Electrosphere, on August 19, 2006.

2006–2010: AceWiki on Wikia

After some time, Electrosphere's members branched off to create their own section on the fan site "Ace Combat Skies" and later branched off again onto their own website. This wiki was kept separate and subsequently renamed to "AceWiki" to avoid confusion. The remaining users attempted to continue encyclopedic efforts, but AceWiki did not have many regular contributors, leading to a rise in unverified info and fan fiction being hosted on the wiki.

2010–2023: Acepedia on Wikia/Fandom

In 2010, the wiki's administration team went through a major shift and the new admins renamed AceWiki to Acepedia. Wikia applied their new "Oasis" skin to all wikis on their network, including Acepedia. The wiki launched a large effort to collect data from all of the Ace Combat games and prepare for the releases of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.

In 2013–2014, the admin team was changed once more. The new admins performed major updates to Acepedia's Main Page, appearance, and policies, particularly forbidding any unofficial or fan-made material from the wiki. The release of Ace Combat Infinity brought more viewers and pageviews to Acepedia than ever before. Editors began standardizing the article formats for aircraft, missions, and in-universe events, and began adding inline citations to articles. Acepedia also collaborated with Electrosphere to create the Infinity Ace Seminar, a new-player guide for Infinity that was recognized and endorsed by Bandai Namco.

Electrosphere officially shut down in 2015 and entrusted the role of information-keeping to Acepedia. The wiki's admins created social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and a live chat group was created in Skype; this chat group has since transitioned to a public Discord server. When Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown was revealed at the end of 2015, editors went into overdrive to expand the wiki's content and improve the user experience for the release of the new game.

Acepedia 10th Anniversary Banner.png

In August 2016, Acepedia celebrated its 10th anniversary with new updates to the wiki, including testing Wikia (now Fandom)'s new Discussions feature, restoring navboxes to the bottom of articles, and applying for a dedicated Acepedia mobile app.

In December 2018, admin SlyCooperFan1 was invited by Bandai Namco to represent the wiki in a livestream with Ace Combat Fan to promote Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. The game's release a month later led to the wiki breaking a record: over one million page views were recorded on Acepedia in the month of January 2019. A new Transcript section was created to record game transcripts on the wiki.

2023–present: Acepedia on

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Fandom's development of an updated platform, a new skin, and new extensions provided welcome improvements to the Acepedia experience, but other issues began to appear. Bug reports sent by the wiki to Fandom were being ignored, advertising was becoming more intrusive, the mobile experience had completely degraded, and Fandom management became more focused on profits than their own communities. In May 2023, after various public and private discussions, Acepedia's admins announced their consideration of forking the wiki to a new platform (, a Freedom Games service run by former Freedom staff, where other gaming wikis including Project Wingman had already forked) and requested votes from the Ace Combat community at large. An overwhelming majority of respondents voted to move and Acepedia officially moved to on May 24, 2023.


Acepedia uses a wiki format, meaning that any registered user visiting this site is able to contribute to and improve it, similar to Wikipedia. We are hosted on, a wiki hosting service provided by Freedom Games that allows people to contribute to gaming wiki communities. The community is moderated by a team of volunteer administrators who have the ability to remove unsuitable content and block users with negative intentions from accessing the site.