2 Million Downloads Appreciation Pack

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The 2 Million Downloads Appreciation Pack was a pack of downloadable content for Ace Combat Infinity. The pack was released exclusively in European regions on December 17, 2014, and includes two emblems and two nicknames.

Pack Contents

The pack includes the following:

  • Bone Arrow emblem
  • Arrows emblem
  • Mercenary nickname
  • Pioneer nickname

Bone Arrow Emblem Icon.jpgArrows Emblem Icon.jpg

Mercenary Title.jpgPioneer Title.jpg


This pack will allow you to obtain the emblem for the 'Arrows' mercenary force and also the emblem for the 'Bone Arrow' squadron, a team within Arrows. In addition, you will also be able to obtain the 'Mercenary' and 'Pioneer' nicknames.

*Items Unlocked In-Game
- The 'Arrows' and 'Bone Arrow' emblems will be available for use.
- The 'Mercenary' and 'Pioneer' nicknames will be available for use.

*Emblems can be selected from 'Edit Aircraft Sets' in the 'Hangar.'
*You may be unable to apply the emblems on certain locations depending on the skin being used.
*The above nicknames can be used after being promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant.


  • The Launch Commemoration Pack, which has the same contents, was automatically added to the PSN account of any North American player who downloaded Infinity within the first month. This was supposed to be the same case for European accounts, but the system was bugged in some way and players either couldn't get the full contents of the pack or didn't get anything at all. The 2 Million Downloads Appreciation Pack alleviates this issue.