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"As we watched the shooting stars that night, fragments of the asteroid rained down on our eastern neighbor, Estovakia, damaging a great deal of their infrastructure and devastating their economy. Soon after, the news reported that their nation had fallen into a civil war ... one that would last for years."
Melissa Herman[1]

24 is an Emmerian public news broadcaster that provides news coverage of events unfolding across the Anean continent.


24 is known to have covered the Estovakian Civil War shortly after it broke out. Despite their reports being mainly limited to Anea, 24's reach within said continent is rather extensive, being able to send reporters to a crumbling city in Estovakia during a time of conflict.[1]

The company's logo contains the number 24 (constantly changing color) within a square with curved corners. The symbol seen on the Emmerian flag is also present in the 24 logo, piercing the square outline.

Notable reporting



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