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The XC-01 is a transport aircraft operated by the Leasath Air Force.


During the Aurelian War, 6 XC-01s were seen over Monte Breeze heading towards Griswall to deliver the MBSR. The MBSR was intended to enhance the Meson Cannon powered by the Gaiuss Tower in the middle of the city. The XC-01s were all shot down by Gryphus Squadron.



  • Some players incorrectly believe the XC-01's laser weapon to be a Tactical Laser System. This is partially due to the MBSRs' existence not being fully explained if the player shoots down the transports rather than allowing the MBSRs to be transported to Griswall.
    • They also incorrectly believe that the XC-01 natively features the MBSR as its standard weapon. Rather, the transports were delivering the MBSRs to Griswall and the crews decided to use them to defend against the player.
  • Th XC-01 looks somewhat similar in design to the Kawasaki C-2. However, the prototypes of the C-2 (also designated XC-2) were not rolled out until 2007, a year after Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception released, and their first flight was not until 2010.