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Lamar Zimmermann,[note 1] callsign Wolkenmeer, is a Belkan communications engineer researcher and former Belkan Air Force 29th Tactical Fighter Squadron commander.


"Wolkenmeer" is German for "sea of clouds."


Lamar Zimmermann was born in Belka in 1967. At some point, he enlisted in the BAF and became leader of the 12th Air Division 29th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

During the Belkan War, Zimmermann set a record of eliminating the formidable radar system around Wesson, Osea in only four minutes.[1] On May 13, 1995, he attempted to thwart the Allied Forces' liberation of the Ustio capital Directus, and was shot down.[2]

After the war, he returned to his homeland to pursue a communications engineering career path.[note 2][1]



  1. Lamar Zimmermann (ラマール・ジマーマン Ramāru Jimāman)
  2. The English version of his assault record says "laser," but the original Japanese text says "radar." In addition, the English version calls the network "impenetrable," replaces 僅か ("only") with "under," and omits where Zimmermann started his post-war career.