Volna Beach

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"Move, move! Land already! Hit that beach and start running! There's no time to kiss the ground!"
― 1st Lt. Alvin H. Davenport[1]

Volna Beach is a sandy beach located along the southern coastline of Yuktobania's Bastok Peninsula, due south of the city of Skladka.[2] In November 2010, Volna Beach became the site of the Osean Army's amphibious landings that marked the beginning of Osea's invasion of mainland Yuktobania.


Volna Beach stretches for several kilometers along the shore of a large coastal inlet on the Bastok Peninsula's southern coastline. The beach is relatively thin and only extends for a few hundred meters inland before giving way to the surrounding rugged topography. The beach is divided into two strands by a large promontory near its midpoint.

Due to its location just south of the equator, Volna Beach is surrounded by thick jungles and likely experiences a humid, tropical climate. The rugged landscape inland surrounding the beach does not appear to have any human settlements. At some point in time, the Yuktobanian Army constructed a series of defensive bunkers, coastal guns, and a fortress to guard the beach against possible seaborne invasions.


At 1630hrs on November 1, 2010, landing units selected from the Osean Army's 1st and 2nd Battalions stormed Volna Beach and attacked the Yuktobanians' defensive fortifications. Through the coordinated efforts of Wardog Squadron and the ground forces, Volna Beach's defenses fell, and the Oseans established a foothold within Yuktobanian territory. General Howell, Supreme Commander of the Osean forces, then landed and established a beachhead command center to spearhead the invasion effort.[1]


  • "Volna" is the Russian word for "wave".