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The V-22B Osprey (V-22B オスプレイ)[1] is a COFFIN-enhanced variant of the V-22, a transportation tiltrotor. The V-22B exclusively appeared in both versions of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.


Two views of the V-22B

The original V-22 was designed in 1982[2] as the first practical tiltrotor VTOL aircraft in history.[3] The B model improves upon the original design by implementing a COFFIN system and slimming the chopper's width, as well as adding an omnidirectional machine gun.[4] However, this is counterbalanced by an increased height and weight, the latter of which results in a lower top speed rating than the original.[2]

Its specifications are as follows:[2]

  • Length: 17.47 m (57.3 ft)
  • Width: 11.58 m (38.0 ft)
  • Height: 6.90 m (22.6 ft)
  • Weight: 21,546 kg (47,501 lb)
  • Top speed: 526 km/h (Mach 0.43; 327 mph; 284 kn)


Neucom Incorporated and the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization are the main operators of the V-22B. During the Nemo simulation, various potential uses of the V-22B are shown:

  • If Nemo remains with UPEO throughout the simulation, Gilbert Park will attempt to use one V-22B in Expo City to escape UPEO.[5]
  • If Nemo joins General Resource Limited and remains there for the entire simulation, five V-22Bs are observed flying over Megafloat.[6]
  • If Nemo joins General Resource and then joins Ouroboros, Abyssal Dision will order Nemo to shoot down Neucom V-22Bs in Port Edwards, especially those used by Neucom's leaders in an attempted escape.[4] At the end of this simulation path, UPEO uses V-22Bs to inspect the wreckage of Dision's aircraft after Nemo shoots it down.[7]

In the international version of Ace Combat 3, five V-22Bs are seen flying over Megafloat[8] and the player must shoot down one V-22B in Expo City.[9]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"Originally used as a tilt-rotor craft in the military, and was used to transport cargo and soldiers. Currently it can be seen in many civilian roles."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

How to Unlock

This aircraft is not available to the player.