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This page includes a transcript of "Lost Kingdom", the eighteenth campaign mission of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Jaeger: It's time for the briefing. Although, since we don't have any contact with HQ, it's not like this is an official mission. Anyway, it looks like the seizure of Tyler Island and the relief from Osea have been postponed. In the meantime, we just have to do what we can to survive. Since losing its capital city of Farbanti, Erusean forces have separated into smaller autonomous factions. It looks like Erusea's largest force and leading faction will pass through the area around this base. The space elevator is significant to them, so they're probably heading there.

Lanza: Should we intercept?

Fencer: Why? I doubt they're going to start a fight now.

Skald: Our top priority should be to get home. Let's go already.

Jaeger: Yeah. It's not like we have the supplies, power, or even a real reason to put up a fight. But what're we going to do if they bring the fight to us? We need to be ready to push them back. If we head inland from here towards Erusea, there's an old castle that's been converted into a stockpiling base: Shilage Castle. It's currently occupied by some of the Erusean forces that broke off, but we need ammo and fuel. They appear to have converted a freeway into a runway, so we can expect them to have the capacity for air combat. But they'll be easier to handle than Erusea's lead faction. Well, we can't use all our aircraft to attack. The transport carrying the stolen supplies needs support. Okay, Strider Squadron, you head out first and neuter the dogs at the stockpiling base. Rendezvous with Cyclops Squadron, who will bring the transport. Then bring the supplies back to this base.

Fencer: Got it.

Húxiān: Aircraft are our only threat.

Lanza: Sounds good.

Jaeger: We'll make it. We're all gonna fly home. Together.

Mission Script[edit | edit source]

Mission Start[edit | edit source]

  • AWACS Long Caster: No Osean forces are in the region ahead. No allies here. No need to ID your target.
  • ! AWACS Long Caster !: We've set a number of priority targets, focusing on their anti-aircraft weaponry. Okay, team, get to work.

When the player approaches an enemy[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Unidentified aircraft. Not sure if friend or foe.
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Fire anyway. We don't have time to be wondering if they're friendlies or not.

When the player approaches the first group of enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Strider 2 Count: So, we capture this base, and take the fuel and supplies. That's the plan, right, Trigger?
  • Strider 4 Húxiān: You take, if you wanna live. That's how it was where I grew up.
  • Strider 2 Count: I was just double-checking mission orders, Húxiān.

When two TGTs are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Our anti-air guns are destroyed! Abandon and fall back to our rear position!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Retreat!

When the first group of TGTs is destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Strider 2 Count: There are more vehicles along the road. They don't appear to be military.
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: They're Erusean refugees. They must be fleeing since the conflict got worse.

When the player approaches the second group of enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Unidentified aircraft, identify at once or we'll open fire.
  • Strider 2 Count: What're they talking about? They already are firing on us.
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: The enemy's confused.
  • Strider 2 Count: I know!

When five TGTs are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: We're all out of ammo!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Don't give up! We're not going to lose our country again!

When the second group of enemies is destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Our anti-aircraft weaponry is down by 30%!
  • Erusean Base: Why are they attacking this base?
  • Strider 2 Count: So what's this "faction split from the Erusean military"?
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: The autonomous state of Shilage used to be a nation. The region has always leaned towards independence. Those who want to restore their homelands flock to it. Apparently, their core consists of officers from Voslage, which neighbored Shilage.
  • Strider 4 Húxiān: Are they our enemies?
  • AWACS Long Caster: They're our enemy's enemy, but not our friends.

When eight TGTs are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Strider 2 Count: Their resistance is strong. They seem pretty desperate.

When nine TGTs are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: They have four aircraft!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Four planes incoming! Fire more missiles!

When the third group of enemies is destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: They're bombing us!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: We're unable to use the SAMs!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Help me!
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: We're coming up on the castle.
  • Strider 2 Count: Let's hurry up and capture this base so we can get its fuel and supplies. Shit![note 1]
  • Strider 4 Húxiān: I feel like we're a group of burglars.
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Don't say that. This is for our survival.
  • Strider 4 Húxiān: Yeah. I know.

When the player approaches Shilage Castle[edit | edit source]

  • Strider 3 Jaeger: That's Shilage Castle.
  • Erusean Ground Unit: They're here already! Make them pay for what they did to our scouts!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Take in both civilians and refugees without discrimination! Get away from the stone buildings and take shelter somewhere sturdier or underground! Drop where you are and cover your head if you hear jet engines!

If all tanks and APCs are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: All of our infantry fighting vehicles and tanks are gone!
  • Erusean Controller: Damage report!

When half the AA guns are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: They're targeting our anti-aircraft weaponry! They've taken out more than half!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: There are four enemy aircraft, but one is causing us the most grief!
  • Erusean Fighter: I heard about Three Strikes when I was in the east.[note 2] What's he doing here?

When almost all AA guns are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Our air defense capabilities are compromised!

When half of all TGTs around Shilage Castle are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: We've lost more than half of our forces! The battle won't last much longer!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Let them have our lives! As long as our nation stands, the young will carry on!

When four TGTs remain and all TGTs on the castle are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • AWACS Long Caster: New hostiles. All aircraft, confirm.
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: This town is of high cultural value. It's unfortunate we had to bomb it like we did.
  • Strider 4 Húxiān: We do what we need to survive, right?
  • Strider 3: Not something I'll tell my son about.

When all ground TGTs are destroyed[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: AA destroyed! We're sitting ducks!

When four TGTs remain after the new hostiles appear[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Controller: Cancel take off. Sol Squadron, stand by.
  • Sol 2: Negative. This battle's over if we don't get up there. Along with hope of restoration. Don't worry. As long as we accelerate inside the tunnel, they won't be able to shoot us down that easily.

  • AWACS Long Caster: Their interceptors are in the air.
  • Strider 4 Húxiān: Alright.
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Getting to takeoff speed inside the tunnel is insane.
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Sol Squadron airborne! Shoot the invaders out of our skies!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Good luck, Sol Squadron!
  • Sol 2: Understood.
  • Sol 2: You are in violation of Shilage airspace. Turn around or we will be forced to shoot you down.
  • AWACS Long Caster: This is the Osean Long Range Strategic Strike Group. Land immediately and hand over your planes and base to us.
  • Sol 2: Ah.[note 3] You must be the Snowbirds. It's absurd for you to be talking so tough after losing one of your leaders in Farbanti.
  • Strider 2 Count: You bastard!
  • Sol 2: You defile this country. As long as you're here, this country will never know peace.
  • Strider 2 Count: Shit!

  • Sol 3: How long is this battle going to go on?

  • Sol 2: They're working in unison.

  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Don't let 'em get under your skin.

  • Strider 2 Count: These guys expect us to surrender? I'll kill them myself!

  • Strider 4 Huxian: These guys are just as responsible for Wiseman.

  • Strider 2 Count: They think they're a band of knights. I hate 'em even more. They think they're actual nobility. All right, I'm a wild gunman then. Time to shut your mouth.

  • Strider 2 Count: What the hell do you know about Wiseman?!

  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Don't underestimate them just because Mister X isn't here.

If the player is hit by a Sol aircraft[edit | edit source]

  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Hang in there. This battle isn't over.

When one Sol aircraft is shot down[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 4: I'm out! Ejecting! [static] [OFFLINE]
  • Sol 3: I hope he's okay, bailing out under those conditions..
  • Sol 2: I can see his parachute. Let's pray he makes it to safety.
  • AWACS Long Caster: Three to go! Don't let 'em work together! Back up Trigger!
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Wilco.
  • Strider 2 Count: Righto.

When two Sol aircraft are shot down[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 3: Roald's been hit! He's ejected.
  • Sol 2: Damn! We can't even last long enough to buy ourselves some time.

  • Sol 1: A miss, as expected. But a lucky shot would be boring.
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: It's some kind of energy weapon. No, it's a railgun!
  • AWACS Long Caster: Strider 1, you have a bogey approaching at high speed! Bearing 090, straight from the east!

Random[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Fire the SAM at once!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Don't stop the car. It'll make us an easier target!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Why aren't our planes up in the air?!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Hurry up with takeoff preps!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Help is here!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: No, they're with the Osean Army!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Why are they after this base?!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Missiles, gunfire, whatever it takes, I want those planes full of holes!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: They're coming straight at us! Run!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Retreat! Our tank can't take on a fighter!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Hit them with AA shells and they'll come down!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Does Sol Squad know?

  • Erusean Ground Unit: There aren't that many! Aim carefully and take 'em down!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: The fire set off a chain reaction! At least stop it from spreading!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Why aren't Wit and the others airborne?!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Set up AA weapons! Put them on a flat surface!

  • Erusean Ground Unit: These guys are blinding us.

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Just how much do they want to take from us?

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Are you sure? We're supposed to be getting reinforcements.

Checkpoint 18-1[edit | edit source]

  • AWACS Long Caster: High-speed projectile launched from enemy aircraft!
  • Sol 1: I'm testing this aircraft. You must find your own sky.
  • Sol 2: We can still help you.
  • Sol 1: Don't waste your life. Dedicate it to reclaiming that which you call home. Furthermore, you must find someone to guide you. I am not that person.
  • Sol 2: Mihaly.
  • Sol 2: Voslagian Squad will be retreating.[note 4] Those fighting below are advised to temporarily withdraw. Don't die. As long as we're alive, our hopes and dreams live on.
  • Strider 2 Count: Hey, look at the color of that plane!
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Damn. That's the flames of hell.
  • Strider 2 Count: Time for payback!
  • Strider 4 Húxiān: Negative. It's no good. I can't get close enough!
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Leave it to Trigger. The rest of us will just get in the way. The rest form a perimeter to catch whatever slips through.
  • Strider 2 Count: Wilco. It might just cost us our lives.

  • Sol 3: Someone to guide us... Wit, I can't think of anyone other than you.
  • Sol 2: Being together with Mihaly taught me something. Drone fighters don't belong in the blue. They have no place in the cosmos of the skies.
  • Sol 3: Then they're what the Voslagian Air Force should be fighting against.

When Mister X's railgun is charging[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Cooldown complete.

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] System power at 50 percent.

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Eighty percent.

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] One-Hundred Percent.

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] One Hundred Twenty Percent.

When the railgun is fired for the second time[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Targeting correction, 1.7 degrees.

Just before the railgun is fired[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Targeting correction in progress.

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Positional prediction complete.

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Ready to fire.

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Targeting assistant prep complete.

After the railgun has been fired for the second time[edit | edit source]

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Hey, look! It's like the sky has been sliced wide open!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: The experimental unit probably made themselves a new toy.

When the railgun is fired for the third time[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Targeting correction, 0.8 degrees.

After the railgun is fired for the third time[edit | edit source]

  • AWACS Long Caster: The railgun is firing again! Bad news. Its accuracy is increasing with each shot. Take him down as quickly as possible!

When the railgun is fired for the fourth time[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Targeting correction, 0.02 degrees.

If the player successfully evades the fourth railgun shots[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: Beyond the limits of machine assistance, I see.
  • Sol 1: You're quite the entertainer, but the show's over with this next shot.

If the player is hit by a railgun shot[edit | edit source]

  • AWACS Long Caster: Strider 1 has been hit! Are you all right?!
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: He's flying, but if he takes another hit...
  • Strider 2 Count: It's a miracle you're not in a million pieces.

If the player is shot down by a railgun shot[edit | edit source]

  • AWACS Long Caster: Strider 1 has been hit! I can't reach 'im, lost radar contact!

When the railgun is fired subsequent times[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Warning: Manual targeting engaged.

  • Sol 1: [Machine Voice] Warning. Braking controls deactivated.

  • AWACS Long Caster: The railgun has been fired!

If the player misses Mister X[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: Get closer...

  • Sol 1: You're almost there.

  • Sol 1: No, that's not it. That will not do.

  • Sol 1: What do you think of this?

  • Sol 1: Think you can keep up with me?

  • Sol 1: Not bad. Get closer...

  • Strider 2 Count: His movements... I knew it. Mister X moves like the drone I saw in Bulgurdarest.
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Maybe you've got it backwards. Maybe the drone is the one that moves like Mister X.
  • Strider 4 Húxiān: There's gonna be copies of him flying around?!
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: We'd be lucky if they're only in the dozens.

  • Strider 4 Húxiān: Mister X is ascending rapidly!
  • Strider 2 Count: The missiles went straight for the sun! Not a casual move!

When Mister X takes one missile worth of damage[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: Not bad.
  • AWACS Long Caster: Hit on unidentified aircraft! The enemy's mobility is still unfazed. Keep up the attack!

When Mister X takes two missiles worth of damage[edit | edit source]

  • AWACS Long Caster: Unidentified aircraft. Land your plane and surrender. Why do you feel the need to continue fighting on your own?
  • Sol 1: That's funny, it seems like one of your pilots is also fighting alone.
  • AWACS Long Caster: He's not alone. Look around you.
  • Sol 1: I see. Perhaps it would've been best to entrust the future to pilots like that. Let me test him, then, to see if he's truly worthy.

When Mister X takes three missiles worth of damage[edit | edit source]

  • Strider 2 Count: That bastard's moving in a way that minimizes the damage, even when he's hit. Keep firing those missiles until you blow him to pieces!

When Mister X takes four missiles worth of damage[edit | edit source]

  • Sol 1: This weapon is not enough to take down Three Strikes. This aircraft is my body. If they are not enough, the I must put my soul into it.
  • Sol 1: There are pilots like you in every generation. And I felled every last one of them.

When Mister X takes five missiles worth of damage[edit | edit source]

  • Strider 4 Húxiān: Strider 1 scored another hit!
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: He's still flying, but his plane's been damaged. Finish him off, Trigger!

When Mister X is shot down[edit | edit source]

  • AWACS Long Caster: It's a hit! The unidentified aircraft is going down!
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: He got 'em!
  • Strider 2 Count: Trigger has splashed a bandit.
  • Sol 1: Can you hear me, pilot with the Three Strikes?
  • Sol 1: This was all due to my ego.
  • Sol 1: I unleashed pure chaos upon this world just so I could keep my wings.
  • Sol 1: Put a stop to the drone production. [static] [OFFLINE]
  • Strider 4 Húxiān: Is this a message to Trigger? What does it mean?
  • Strider 2 Count: I don't think this war is over just because we shot down Mister X.
  • Strider 3 Jaeger: Yeah, it's going to take something else entirely to end this thing. I just don't know what.

Debriefing[edit | edit source]

Jaeger: The resupply went well. We should be okay on food and fuel reserves for a little while, at least. Luckily the rumor that the Erusean Army is advancing nearby is only a rumor. There's no sign of them from the skies. Rumors, rumors, rumors. This is what happens when you lose communications. But we got one good fact. The plane Trigger shot down was an advanced model of the X-02 Wyvern. It was developed in the last Continental War. Erusea had a lot up their sleeves. Apparently, they were even supposed to have Belkan aircraft back in the first war. What if Trigger couldn't shoot it down? Just thinking about it gives me chills. We're lucky to be here. In war, you never know what's lurking behind the curtains. But it looks like everything's loose now. A solid chain of command, rest periods after sorties, a battlefield where you know friend from foe... All of that's gone now. Lost in a fog of confusion. It feels like a distant dream. Now, just how the hell are we gonna get out of this mess?

Footnotes[edit source]

  1. The English subtitles omit the "Shit!"
  2. The English subtitles say "I heard about Three Strikes when I was fighting out east."
  3. The preceding line is not subtitled.
  4. The English subtitles say "Voslagian Squadron will be retreating."