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This is a list of quotes spoken by Tolya Kiriakov primarily during combat or under other non-story related circumstances; including dialogue without subtitles.

Combat Dialogue

Lines spoken during combat in all missions following Capital Defense, including Reprisal.

Japanese Transcription Romanized Japanese (Romaji) English Dub Transcription Notes
いくよ! Iku yo! Get ready! Spoken when spotting or targeting the enemy.
逃げていいんだよ! Nigete ī nda yo! Run if you'd like! Spoken when locking onto the enemy.
プレゼントだ! Purezento da! A gift, just for you! Spoken when firing a missile.
ほら、逃げろ! Hora, nigero! Go on, run! Spoken when firing a missile.
遊んでる場合じゃないだろ! Asonderu baai janai daro! TBA (lit. This is no time for fun and games!) Spoken after damaging the opponent.
君に僕は捉えられない! Kimi ni boku wa toraerarenai! You can't catch me! Spoken when being engaged by the opponent.
もっと楽しませてよ! Motto tanoshimasete yo! Entertain me, come on! Spoken when engaging the opponent.
ほら撃てよ、早く! Hora ute yo, hayaku! Shoot then, come on! Spoken when being tailed by the enemy.
避けてやる! Yokete yaru! Not even close! Spoken when spotting an incoming missile.
無駄な撃ちだ! Mudana uchi da! You're wasting ammo! Spoken after the opponent misses an attack.
ハンデだ!これで楽しくなる! Hande da! Kore de tanoshiku naru! I could still take you with one arm tied behind my back! Spoken after receiving damage.

A translation would be closer to: "Damage sustained! This is getting fun!"

どうした?期待外れもいいとこだ! Dōshita? Kitaihazure mo ītoko da! That's that?! We still haven't ended the fun! Spoken after a nearby enemy has received critical damage.
了解! Ryōkai! Roger! Responding to Milosz Sulejmani, particularly after receiving an order to get into formation.

Miscellaneous Dialogue

Non-combat oriented dialogue that occurs during the earlier missions and is not subtitled.

Japanese Transcription Romanized Japanese (Romaji) English Dub Transcription Notes
自衛隊機は下がってくれないかな?僕の獲物が減る! Jieitai-ki wa sagatte kurenai kana? Boku no emono ga heru! You think the SDF can back off? They're stealing my kills! Expressing displeasure towards the SDF during Capital Defense.
鈍い奴だな! Nibui yatsu da na! Not very fast, are you? Mocking Antares after being hit by the Orgoi during Capital Defense.