Special Weapon

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"Garuda 1, there's too many of them. Use your SP weapon."
Marcus Lampert[1]

A Special Weapon, sometimes referred to as an SP Weapon, is a gameplay concept featured in many Ace Combat games.

When starting a mission, a Special Weapon can be selected in addition to the standard missile. Each plane has its own set of special weapons to choose from. Some examples of Special Weapons include air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles, bombs, and laser weaponry.

Unlike the standard missile which can lock on to both air and ground targets, most Special Weapons are limited to one type of target.

Special Weapons are more generally more powerful than standard weapons because of their high damage or capability lock on to multiple targets at once. To offset this, planes can carry a smaller number of them compared to the standard missiles.

During the mission, the player can freely toggle between their normal weapon and the Special Weapon.