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The RF-12A2 Blackbird is a high-speed, high-altitude interceptor based on the SR-71 Blackbird. It is built by General Resource Limited, and despite its age continues to be in regular use with the General Resource Defense Force.


The RF-12A2 is a highly modified variant of the SR-71, developed by General Resource sometime prior to 2040.

Due to concerns over Neucom Incorporated's constant high-altitude overflights of General facilities using the R-531 Mobura and R-311 Remora, a program to create a fighter to combat these threats was started. General engineers hastily redeveloped the only plane in General's inventory capable of flying at such high altitudes, the SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance plane, into an interceptor.

As compared to the SR-71, the RF-12A2 has a third vertical stabilizer on its underside in between its engines (like the real-life YF-12 prototype interceptor), a long-range interception radar, an internal bay re-engineered to carry missiles instead of photoreconnaissance cameras, an internal gun and an opaque cockpit fitted with COFFIN, which does not protrude over the spine of the plane like the SR-71's cockpit.

It is the fastest plane in the skies of 2040, though its speed and high-altitude capability are its main combat factors: it can hardly turn and struggles in air combat maneuvering due to its massive size and weight.

Its specifications are as follows:[1]

  • Length: 31.65 m (103.8 ft)
  • Width: 16.94 m (55.6 ft)
  • Height: 5.64 m (18.5 ft)
  • Weight: 78,020 kg (172,000 lb)
  • Top speed:
    • Japanese version: 5,068 km/h (Mach 4.1; 3,149 mph; 2,737 kn)
    • International version: 4,883 km/h (Mach 4.0; 3,034 mph; 2,637 kn)
  • Armor: Heavy


During the Nemo simulation, RF-12A2s were used by General Resource to protect important locations. If Nemo is detected during the raid on Expo City, several RF-12A2s will arrive as enemy reinforcements.[2] In addition, RF-12A2s were used to defend White Valley Air Base; depending on Nemo's earlier choices, it either fights them while supporting Neucom's attack on White Valley,[3] or flies one itself to defend against the Neucom raid.[4]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"In order to counter Neucom's new weapon, this craft was created through rapid development of an existing design. Since the design's focus was on reconnaissance from extremely high altitudes, it performs poorly in ground attack missions. To reach extreme high altitudes in a short amount of time, it is launched by rocket boosters and flies at speeds over Mach 3 to intercept and shoot down its target. Since it focuses on extreme high speed, the design lacks stability."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

How to Unlock


  • Power: 15
  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 12
  • Stability: 6
  • Mobility: 2



  • GRDF: Light gray with red highlights