Napalm Bomb

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An F-4E dropping a Napalm Bomb

The Napalm Bomb (NPB) is an air-to-ground special weapon. It is an unguided bomb that causes damage over a long strip of area damage along its direction of free-fall upon impact. The weapon is often associated with the F-4E Phantom II, having made appearance in multiple games since Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

Ac5 npb icon.png
"An unguided free-fall bomb. Releases and ignites flammable material, damaging targets in a long strip of ground along its direction of travel."


Aircraft Ammo
F-4E Phantom II 10

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies

"Napalm Bomb: unguided free-fall bomb. Contains an incendiary jelly which turns into liquid fire on impact."
Aircraft Price Ammo
F-4E Phantom II 32,000 6


  • The Napalm Bomb is one of the two only weapons in the series to primarily use a flammable element, along with the Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb.